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Everyone in Jakarta asks if I’m Malaysian. One even said I’m too dark for a Filipino…
The Good Mike
Theme parks can snap a clear picture of you on a rollercoaster at 70mph, but bank cameras can’t get a clear shot of a robber standing still.
Jesse Highley - in one of the millions of his mostly funny, eye-opening, skull-scratching and nerve-striking reality checks and humour. Bloody brilliant point, all the time.
I find delight in giving girls who are on diet something to eat and ruin their diet.
I know, I’m a horrible person.
Sometimes one is in for a little surprise in a book shop.

Sometimes one is in for a little surprise in a book shop.

No, I’m NOT a politician.

At at a local cafe, and after a few minutes of small-talk, this German-sounding mid-aged lady then went on:

She: What do you do—are you a politician?
Me: Why, because you think I know too much BS?
She: [awkward chuckle]
Me: No, but I used to work for the Philippine government.
She: Aha. That’s why…

Then she offered to buy me coffee. Wasn’t sure if it was a good gesture.

What happens on a work trip

Mom: So, how’s India?

Me: I don’t know, really.

Mom: I thought you’re in India?

Me: I thought so, too…

When all else fails, pray.

When all else fails, pray.

The waves didn’t seem too friendly. (Re-post)

Oh how I miss my Canadian friends…

Oh how I miss my Canadian friends…

On SALE now, pre-owned mermaid bra! (Rock Islands, Palau)

On SALE now, pre-owned mermaid bra! (Rock Islands, Palau)

Who’s Your Teddy?

Watching Ted, Mark Wahlberg’s cussing (and pot-smoking) teddy bear,
feels—according to my friends—a lot like talking to me in person (language-wise at least). Ted the teddy bear is obscene and overtly straightforward, doesn’t beat around the bush, loves the party life and refuses to grow up to adulthood. But what can we really expect of a teddy bear borne out of a Christmas wish? The saving grace is the hyped moral story of friendship and commitment; while with few funny, politically-incorrect and socially-inappropriate antics, and a dashing Mila Kunis in between, Ted pulls off some justice to comedy.

Why the hell can’t you make a decent pose?! Or should I say…why the hell are you not fun when you’re in a decent pose??
My friend Emily, who contends we don’t have a single decent photo together; either I distort my face, make stupid gestures or take my shirt off as the camera clicks. She also complains she can’t post our photos on Facebook because her dad will kill her if he sees these “photos” of us—of me, and my expressions/gestures, with her.

Fun Torture Choices

Before anyone accuses me of being a potentially grave human rights violator, please let me state, for the record, that I have never—ever—done any of these (well, maybe just the one that involved toothpaste—back in high school!). Nevertheless, for a different kind of funny, allow me to share with you some ideas I’ve cooked up for torture, out of boredom in class. You’re welcome to make additions.

What I like about this place…the girls are really very, very nice! They all speak English and, for an old white man like me, they are extremely friendly. Amazing!
A 68-year old retired American…raving about Angeles City’s countless strip clubs dotting Fields Street.

She: I feel bad for your (future) wife.
Me: You think I’ll be a bad husband?
She: No. But you’re always hungry.